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Sarah Ann Horton
1838 - 1903

The following information is in our guessbook, and in the hope someone out there can help or is
interested. I am sure Helen would love to hear from you.

Hi Mary

Re. Sarah Ann Horton b. 1835.

I have more than a hunch that your Sarah Ann Wood nee Horton’s death in 1877 is that of another Sarah Ann Wood, and she is in fact
my gg grandmother who died in 1903. There is a lot of mystery surrounding my gg grandmother – real skeleton
in the cupboard stuff! The information for your Sarah Ann ends in 1867, following the baptism of her youngest child. Even though her husband,
George Wood, is recorded as being married in the 1871 census, his wife, Sarah Ann, is not living with the family.
In 1881 George is recorded as a widower. As there is no relevant death certificate for your Sarah Ann and the only link
back I can find for my Sarah Ann, is to Sarah Ann Horton b 1835, I am inclined to think that Sarah Ann left George Wood and
her young family, and started a new life with a significantly younger man, John Walker, from Throwley. They never married but lived
together for over 30 years in New Romney, changing their names so that they would not be found. This proposal is backed up by
quite a lot of evidence, which I am happy to share. Sarah Ann appears on the 1871 census living with John Walker but they are
using an alias - Mr and Mrs Harris. At various events (census, birth and baptism records for her children) her name is recorded
as Sarah Ann Harris, Sarah Ann Walker and Sarah Ann Wood nee Horton. My g grandfather, Francis James, was
born in July 1871 and was known as Francis Harris, Francis Walker and Francis Wood at various stages of his life.

It may be no coincidence that the family only adopted John Walker’s surname after George Wood died in 1883.

If anyone has a different story or would like evidence for the above or more detail, I would be pleased to hear from them.