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Ted and his brother Iain have been band members for many years, if fact Ted was only
fifteen years old when he joined his first band.

Arthur Kay and the Originals

Ted Maitland Keyboard - Arthur Kay Bass Guitar & Vocals - Terry Cutting Drums - Paul Mylnarz Sax
Perry White Keyboard - Bob Coltart Guitar & Vocals


Gary Williams Bass Guitar - Cliff Homewood Lead Guitar - Pete Sissley Drums - Ted Maitland Keyboard

Winston and the Churchill's

Andy Young Lead Guitar/Vocals - Brian Hephen Bass Guitar - Matt **** Drums - Pete(Winston)**** Vocals
Ted Maitland Keyboard - Cindy **** - Backing Vocals

Marshmellow Tree 

Bob Hogeman Bass - Chris Ashman Vocals - Peter Sewell Drums - Cliff Homewood Lead guitar
Ted Maitland Keyboards - Nick Ashman Rhythm Guitar


Ted Maitland Keyboard - Tony Exall Vocals - Mark Sherwood Guitar - Pete Sissley Drums - Dave **** Rhythm Guitar
John **** Bass Guitar

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark, well! they had several line ups, the one we have in this photograph is, left to right Pete Hadlow Guitar
Ted Maitland Keyboards - Iain Maitland Drums - Bill Birchell Vocals - Dave Mills Bass Guitar & Martin **** Guitar


Pete Butterfield Guitar - Steve Elliott Drums - Mark **** Guitar - Ted Maitland Keyboards - Sharon **** Vocals

Electric Dreams

Hi Tech Duo Ted Maitland Keyboards & Vocals Bill Birchell Vocals

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