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When an Airship Landed at Chilham Kent

An historic moment for Chilham when His Majesty's Airship 'Delta' made
an unexpected landing, during a flight across Kent on July 1st 1913.

Children from the village school were among the
crowds who rushed to see the spectacle. Among those that watched the landing was Class Two,
with two teachers one of which was Miss Christiana Jordan.

The names we have from left to right, back:
Alf Barwick, Gordan Swan, Eddie Epps, Bill Harlow,George Porter, Ernie Foley, Howard Clinch,
Tom Page, Ernie Harlow, Gordon Price, teacher Miss Jordan; middle, Geoff Fancy,
Nina Taylor, Edie Fryor, Ruby Pritchard, Dorothy Horton, Ella New,
Ettie Waghorn, Dorothy Ware, Kate Pritchard, Dora Hopkinson, Amey Gooden,
Cyril Ralph; front, Lily Porter, Hazel Dunkin, Ruth Carrier,
Aggie Lewis, Ivy Simpson, Olive Dodd, Flo Macey and Mildred Price

One of the pilots that flew the airship was Edward Maitland Maitland (1880-1921) I wonder
if he is related to this family!!!