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We would like to acknowledge all the information we receive, so we have dedicated the page to that. Since we started this site
on the 22 April 2003, we have had friends and relations give us information, weather it's been a correction or
added information, it all has been gratefully received.

For those who only want to see recently added acknowledgements, please use the following links

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So, we thank Deirdre, Prim from Devon,
Hayden from Australia, Maureen from Australia, Roy from Bristol,
Ivy from Kent and Aunt Edna.
It may not seem a lot, but it does help us to keep a more accurate record


July 20th 2003
We now have more information thanks to
Kevin and Robert from Canada.


July 27th 2003
The latest updates are due to the help
of Val and Jo


February 7th 2004
We would like to thank all the distant relatives, that have contacted us. At this
moment in time we are still searching for connecting information.

May 22nd 2004
Once again we would like to thank
some one to whom, some
of our updates are due. Thank you
Margaret for your information on the
Bones family

July 12th 2004
More thanks are due to all the people that have helped us with our research.


8th February 2005
We would like to thank Helen and her
father for identifying the uniform
worn by Frederick R Bones.

11th March 2005
We have had a great result thanks to
Keith from Australia,
Larry from Canada, Paul from the UK and Ron from Scotland.
Thank you all for your contributions

19th October 2005
After a short break
we have had another great
response. We would like to acknowledge
the input from the following people, Christine, Randolph,Barbara, Kathleen
and not to forget John.


24 January 2006
The New Year as once again brought
forth lots more, THANKS to Trevor
(from sunny Australia),
Denise, Maggie, Julie, Gordon and Carole


23 March 2006
After another short break, we have had
more response from others. And we would like to thank them, they are Colin,Mike and Mel.


Flying Angel2 May 2006 was a sad day for Ted and myself, as we bid a sad farewell to his
Aunt Edna Devitt (Nee Carter)


24 September 2006
Thanks once again to Colin, Maggie and John


Not much added due to health problems


11 June 2008
Sorry this as been so long in coming,
but once again we have to
thank David, Jill, Kevin, Simon.

11 July 2008
Thank you to Ivan and Jan for their
imput. It is thanks to them that we
have been able to correct
quite a few things

16 September 2008
Once again we have had lots
of information given us. This time we would
like to thank Zowie and Kim

3 October 2008
Christine and Randolph have sent us
a story of his grand father, thank you, plus
Prim as sent us
more photos to look through and add at
a later date, thanks to her


13 December 2008
We would like to take this opportunity
to wish everyone
A Merry Christmas
and A Happy New Year!!


And! you have come up trumps again,
we would like to thank Brian and Christine of Sussex Family History Society, for
their help. Plus Diane, Brian, Ken,
Dave, Dean and Helen for all the
information they have sent.


8 February 2009
On a happier note, we would like to thank David, Jan, Diane,and Bernie for their input of information.


Flying Angel9 February 2009
This like many as been a sad year for our family, two of my cousins
Maurice Upton and Jessie Belsey
sadly died in January. I like, many of us say we would like to meet our relations
and get to know them, but leave it too late. I was lucky enough to meet both Jessie and Maurice, although it was but once, I am
glad I had the luck to do so


30 March 2009
Many thanks to Anthony and his sister for their input


17 July 2009
Our thanks go to Colin, Michael, David,
Diana and Sue for all the information
they have shared with us


Flying Angel20 July 2009
My children Steven, Philip, Helen, Michael and Valerie said a sad farewell to their father Anthony D Read who died on the 4th July 2009, after a short illness.
On a happier note!
He lived long enough to meet his new American Granddaughter Elizabeth. Congratulations to Steve and Laura!


02 September 2009
Thank you, for the great
response. Please keep it coming. The information we have received is
amazing.Our thanks this time go to Laura, Frank, Sarah and Diana.

09 October 2009
Thanks to Sarah, Chris and Frank,
we now have more information to add

03 December 2009
Again we would like to thank, Sarah, Sue and Gillian for their help


17 January 2010
We would like to thank,
Michelle, Wayne, Sheila, Frank & Valerie.
For all their in put to our tree

19 July 2010
It's been a while, but we
have more!!!!!!
Thanks to Diane, Anne and Derek

19 October 2010
Thanks to Joyce, Shelia and Bev.
We can now update the tree


01 January 2011

Now our Thanks
to Gilda, Daryl, Dene & Peter
with their contribution
we have made a good
start to the new year


22 January 2011
With the new year, comes vigor and determination not to let my health stop me achieving what I set out to do.
I would like to THANK Gerald, Carol and Bev.
With help The Tree is growing.

02 March 2011
We would like to Thank
Laura, Christine, Bev, Gerald, and Rita
With their help we continue!!

14 May 2011
Again we would like to thank
Laura, Bev, Gerry, Paul and Andrew
For the information they sent.

28 May 2011
Thank you to, Gerry, Rose and Stephen
for all the help.


Flying Angel
brings another sad loss
Ronald Hill

Beloved husband to Primrose,
and a beloved father and grandfather
Our hearts go out to all his family.
God Rest His Soul


20 August 2011
We are still gathering data,
to Alan, Bev, Anthony and Sarah

28 October 2011
Michael, Sue, Bev and Rex
We are still gathering information

09 November 2011
I seem to be very busy with information that has been sent to me.
I'm not complaining, I love it.
THANKS to Clare, Tev, Sue and Frank.


26 January 2012
Many THANKS to
Clare, Tony, John and Irene.
we now have LOTS more information.

Flying Angel

brings us another sad lose
Ronald Walter Upton
1924 - 2012

Loving brother, husband,
father and
May he rest in peace

10 March 2012
On a happier note
Many THANKS to
Sue, Richard, Frank and Sarah
Onwards and Upwards we go!

02 April 2012
Still we receive more
information, photographs and corrections.
Many THANKS to
Jack, Mark and Sue. If I have missed
you out my apologises.


05 May 2012
Thanks to the contributions of
Yvonne, Fiona, David and Sylvia
we are still forging ahead.


21 July 2012
Many THANKS to
Brenda, Val and Clara
At this rate we will soon have a forest
Not just a tree


01 October 2012
Thanks once again to those
of you that sent us information
They include Brenda, Val, Helen and Maureen


24 November 2012
We like to thank
Val,Brenda and Michael

16 February 2013
We like to Thank the following people for their help, Barbara, Colin, and David

01 November 2013
Sorry, We seem to be behind, Thanks for all info sent.

brings us another sad lose,
Arthur D J Lawrence
1932 - 2013

Lovingly known as Derek
May he rest in peace




May we wish all our friends

and family a Happy New Year



17 January 2014
I would like to thank everyone that have helped us to achieve what we have. Thank You All  
25 February 2014
We have had a good start to the new year, with lots of information. So our THANKS go to Jan, Dawn, Dianne and Frank
18 May 2014
Again we have to THANK, Frank, Jan, Elizabeth for the information they have sent us. I am still in the process of adding this.

05 July 2014
Again, you lovely people have helped. THANKS to Richard, Elizabeth and Will.


25 November 2014
THANKS go to Graham, Robert,
Leemae, Janet, Linda and Jan.
Thank you to everyone

27 December 2014
Thanks to all that helped
us in our research.
We would like to take this
opportunity to wish you all



07 February 2015
A Good start to the new year.
Thanks to Donna, Jan and Graham

Beloved cousin and friendBarbara Annie Richards
(Nee Bones)
1940 - 2015

Passed away peacefully,Now with her beloved Gerald
May she rest in peace

21 June 2015
Once again friends and relations
have been busy sending in bits and pieces.
Thanks to Christine, Frank and Susan



Brings us another sad lose
Dennis Arthur Upton
1927 - 2015

Loving brother and husband
Plus a lovely cousin.
We will miss him!
May he rest in peace

13 December 2015
Thanks to Dennis we have many photographs to go through.

Thanks for all the input.




Again it is with deep sadness, we say goodbye to
Kathleen Annie Jones
1925 - 2015

Lovely cousin and friend.
We will miss her!
May she rest in peace


27 Feburary 2016
Thanks to Martin and David for the information. Sorry its taken so long to add


We bid a sad farewell to
Gordon James Paine
(Jim to all that knew him )
1924 - 2016
A Wonderful Husband, father,grandfather and great grandfather. And Friend

May he rest in peace


03 April 2016
Thanks to Simon and Sue for their
contribution we are able to add even more connections


We say a sad farewell to
Roy Albert Blackwell
1946 - 2016

A loving husband, great brother, uncle and friend. His sufferings are now over
May he rest in peace
09 July 2016
We would like to thank
Susan, Peter and Wlliam for
the information the supplied.
We once
again say a sad farewell,

Wayne Beal
1971 - 2016

A loving father, son and friend
May he find peace a last
This year as been one of
This time its to,
Joyce Mary Paine(Holyer)

A loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.


08 July 2017
We would like to thank, Simon, Mary Beth and James, for the information they have passed on.


28 October 2017
We would like to thank,
Sandra and Sarah for their help

11 November 2017
Thank you to Ray for his help


30 January 2018
We would like to wish
everyone a Happy New Year,
and to thank
Sandra, Christopher and Giles
for their help
10 July 2018
We would like to thank Frank
Norma and Tracy,
for their help


01 August 2019
Thank You to Nigel and Sandra for the