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John William Bones
1895 - 1961

Jack Bones

By a member of his extended family
Jack(John) joined early in the war, managed to get posted to the Royal Army
Medical Corps, due to his member ship of the St Johns Ambulance Service. He was awarded a badge for
attending all the St Johns Parades during 1914. He spent some time
in England and then in October 1916,

Jack traveled to Mudros, Greece on board HMHS Britannic from 20th to 28th October 1916. Britannia, sister
ship to the Titanic, had been converted for use as a hospital ship. Jack was
accompanying medical supplies bound for Egyptian field hospitals. The Germans complained that Britannic
was being used as a transport ship, even though the personnel and packages were all medical. This was
one of their excuses used to justify their unrestricted submarine warfare
later. Britannic struck a mine on her next trip to Mudros, but the British preferred
to believe that she was purposely torpedoed. Jack was one of only two
ordinary ranks bound for Egypt, where the British were protecting the
Suez Canal. Jack spent the rest of the war as a RAMC Store man in military
hospitals in Egypt and Palestine.

After Armistice in 1918, Jack and a few RAMC friends were given leave and made a small tour
of Jerusalem and the surrounding area. He sent a letter home
to his family to explain some of the impressions it had on him.