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Our Tribute to a much loved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather


Gordan(Jim) James Paine
1924 - 2016

In Memory of 'Jim'

Jim and Mary lived for many years in Lydd on the Romney Marsh. He was well thought of and a legend.

A Bit like Dr Syn on a tractor.

This little tale was written and read by one of his daughters at his memorial service.

'We were very lucky to have had him for so long but we're hard pushed to bring him into the 20th century
However hard he tried dad could never get his head around decimalisation. To us he still lived on 'Planet ten bob'

But one of his loves and to our chagrin was his shed.

It was a cross between a tardis and an Aladdins cave. He had everything in it.

He would never buy anything new if he could help it because - as he would always say - 'I've got one in the shed.

So this is a little ditty to dad and his shed.


There were three parties in your marriage Dad from the day that you were wed.
There was you and Mum, and the other one was your beloved garden shed.

Whenever we'd like something new a cry would come up
instead, 'You don't need new,' he'd always say, "I've got it in the shed.

Technology was not dad's thing, it showed with his Sky TV. 'You don't need a special dish just leave this up to me'
He went out the door and down the path, 'I'll be back in a mo' he said.
And back he came and in his hand was a dustbin lid from that shed ! (It didn't work)

We'd like to have had a new barbeque that came with tongs and a fork,
but when we mentioned it to dad he had another thought 'You don't need new',
we heard his say, as he trod the path of dread, AND back he came with an oil drum from inside the wretched shed.

So dad when you get to heaven outside those pearly gates, and St Peter's waiting for you - along with your old mates.
If he says'I'm sorry Jim we've no wings nor halo for your head' You can say 'Well thats OK, I've got some in the shed. '

May God Rest His Sole