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Frederick Richard Bones
1864 - 1958

Frederick was a Special Constable in 1914 - 1918 and an Air Raid Warden in the 2WW.

Fred was in his late fifties at the outbreak of the Great War, too old to fight. He
became a special constable, and was awarded a medal for it.

Special Constables were there to guard against enemy activity within Britain and reported any suspicious
behavior. Kent was obviously a prime target.

During the Second World War, even though he was in his late seventies
he became an Air Raid Warden.

On one occasion he caught Boughton Council with an unguarded light at one of their meetings. He burst
into their meeting and gave them all a good telling off.

This was especially rewarding for him as they had refused to added his son Norman's name to the
local war memorial, although he died from wounds received during WW1,but he died after the Armistice