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Frederick Richard Bones Jr.
1894 - 1948

Like his brother John, Frederick was a member of the St Johns Ambulance
Brigade, so he was able to volunteer for the Royal Medical Corps.

He first saw active service in France on the 10th April 1915. He went to the trenches, where
he was exposed to gas,which affected his lungs and in later life he suffered badly
from bronchitis and asthma.

Fred was transferred to the 9th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, and was sent to India on
board RMS Llanstephan Castle. The Warwicks were fighting in Mesopotamia, and the wounded
were sent to India, before being sent back to Britain.
Fred was in Poona India in April 1918. He became a PT instructor.

At some stage he returned to Britain aboard HMHS Letitia, taking care of six nursing sisters, who had
contracted Syphilis.

On one occasion, while Fred was on a ship going through the Seuz Canel, someone
called"Bones!" Fred's brother Jack was another Medical ship(Britannia) going in the opposite
way, when both brothers responed to the call they spotted each other and were able to
exchange a brief greeting.

Frederick was demobilized on 20th March 1919