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Our Tribute to Our Dear Cousin Barbara Richards

By Christine and Randolph Belsey

Barbara Annie Bones
1940 - 2015

Randolph and I would like to pay our respects to our dear cousin Barbara with whom we spent many happy hours. It continues to amaze us as we hear of all the things thats she was involved in, in so many areas. We do remember that at one time she seemed to be doing five different jobs connected with Boughton School, which she loved. It is lovely to see the represented here today. Barbara came from a hard working family, of which she was extremely proud. If I may explain, she especially looked up to her parental grandfather - Frederick Bones who worked tirelessly for the National Union of Agricutrual Workers, being one time chairman of the local branch, and then County President. Barbara followed in his footsteps and today three Union Representatives were at the crematorium, and wanted you all to know that. Grandfather Frederick received the M.B.E for his work and was in the New Year honourslist in 1952. He also sat on the local, and most Sundays found him trudging the country lanes to preach on the circuit of the Primitive Methodist Churches. This he did for 68 years from 1884 - 1952! He married Grandmother Ann Wicks in 1888 and they had 13 children! 4 girls and 9 boys, in that order. (One boy Richard, Stans twin died at 3 weeks sadly, and Norman through gassing in th first world war) Now, the first of the 13 children was Randolph's mum, called Alice, and the 13th was Bert, Barbara's dad. Today that wonderful family is represented here by decendants of at least 5 of the 13 to share our thanksgiving for dear Barbara. Those who cannot be here today include cousins - Bernard, Margery, Margaret, Pat and Mary.

Barbara touched our lives in so many ways, sharing birhtday and family get-togethers. Cousin Kathleen who at 90 is not able to be here will be remembered by many of you by her visits here 3 times a year, when Barbara regularly got Saturday Coffee Mornings organised in support of Jubilee Debt Campaign. Thank you all so much for your part in that and the funds you raised.

Barbara also came regularly to Cliftonville on Tuesday mornings to our Precious Jewels Parent and Toddler Group. The mums loved her, always commenting on her hand knitted jumper with Rupert on a variety of cats beautifully worked on them. She perched on her stool at the sink washing up for us all and firmly told everyone just where she wanted the dirty crockery put!!

It was so very sad that Barbara's dear husband, Gerald, died so young, while she was still caring for both of her parents, which she did until the end. We are indebted to Gerald's family today for all that they have accomplished in the last 3 weeks. Also, we thank all Barbara's friends here in her church too, for all their care.

We praise God for Barbara's faithfullness and know she will be missed by a great number of people, family and friends alike.

This was followed by a short reading by Randolph.

May God Rest Her Sole